Why does décor matter in a care home?

We all know that feeling of being truly comfortable and at ease in our surroundings, whether we’re relaxing, chatting with friends or reading a book, and much of what contributes to that feeling is rooted in our evolutionary past. We want to be warm, to socialise, to feel safe and to feel in control and oriented in our surroundings, and this is true of all of us, regardless of age.

The positive impact of good interior design on care of the elderly is clear, and especially where cognitive decline is evident. Environmental changes using simple décor techniques such as having a pleasant view, taking care over colour choices and patterns, management of noise and the creation of safe spaces and sociable areas can all contribute to settled, happy residents.

Moving from a much-loved family home into unfamiliar surroundings is difficult for the resident and their family. Taking positive actions to personalise a room and to create warm, welcoming and pleasant shared spaces can help reduce the stress levels for all concerned.

Large or small areas can be swiftly decorated with removeable self-adhesive wall coverings creating beautiful murals or simple relaxing patterns. Door coverings are simple to apply and ensure a room is distinctive and easily identified. Favourite photos can be turned into printed wall panels, without the fuss and clutter of traditional frames. These simple touches can help reduce stress and confusion and create a relaxing and enjoyable environment. Rooms can be changed with minimal fuss and expense as needed, creating a new social space or personalisation of an individual room for new residents.

Self-adhesive wallpaper

The opportunity for care homes

New digital printing technologies have opened the door to personalisation and short production runs in ways not previously possible. Customisable décor is now within economic reach for any size of establishment, allowing you to flex and change decoration and internal spaces according to resident’s needs.

The range of materials available is huge – ranging from self-adhesive vinyl for doors, windows and mirrors, to self-adhesive wallpapers, which can be used for entire walls, or just in smaller areas as an alternative to hanging pictures. Acoustic panels can also be printed to match a décor scheme as part of the design, to reduce noise if residents require.

The personalisation of a room, from a simple door vinyl to more bespoke offerings such as memory walls, can be offered as part of the high-value service the care home provides to its residents, whether newly entering for the first time or to those already in residence.

Self-adhesive wallpaper

The Care Theme service

We are experts in the design, production and installation of digitally printed décor and offer a service tailored to you. Whether it’s providing a Café mural or decorating your hair and nail salon to create social spaces, or making a quiet corner for reflexion, we take time to understand your needs and ideas and to make the right recommendations. We design and source appropriate imagery to create the print that you can fit yourself or our team can install for you. Where you have something specific in mind, we can offer bespoke photography of local landmarks and even a residents favourite view or own garden, which can be made into a personalised mural for a room:

  • Interior design
  • Bespoke artworking
  • Printing
  • Supply only for self-fitting or
  • Full installation service
  • Full installation service

Wall Coverings

Removable or semi-permanent wallcoverings can change the look and feel of a space with a new theme. Whether you want to create a social space like a café or tea room area, refresh and divide a large room for different uses or to decorate a shop or nail salon, wall coverings can help. Murals are a great way to provide a pleasant vista and interest in a room and patterns can be used to bring a theme or a reminder of earlier times.

Door vinyl

High quality, easily removable self-adhesive vinyl, that creates a unique look to a corridor and easy recognition for each resident. This simple, effective use of décor gives an element of choice to a resident, at a time when otherwise they might feel choices are very limited. Expertly fitted and easily removable, with a selection of more than 20 designs, or a reproduction of their very own front door.

Window films

Can be used to decorate internal and external glass surfaces to reduce reflection, disguise unsightly areas or to simply bring colour and design into a space, whilst still allowing natural light.

Acoustic panels

Internal spaces with hard surfaces such as floors, walls, and ceilings as well as objects like furniture and mirrors, create sound reflections that are unnatural for our ears to interpret and filter out. Decorative acoustic panels can help absorb reflected sounds and reduce reverb, even when only covering a small surface of a wall.

Memory trees and maps

A tradition in many care homes, memory trees are often hand painted murals where residents can attach favourite photos, messages or memories. We supply a range of designs of printed memory tree and maps on self-adhesive wall covering to custom sizes. Perfect for fitting to a corridor wall or into an unused alcove.

Murals transform social spaces

Bespoke services

Bringing your ideas to life

Every home is different, and you know better than anyone how it works, the needs of your residents and where you would like to make changes and improvements to the environment, atmosphere and wellbeing. We can bring our knowledge of design, imagery, colour, graphics and layout and work together with you. Do you want to improve the use of a room? Create a realistic café area, shop or nail salon? Create a 60’s vibe? We help bring your ideas to life.

Memory panels

Using images provided by the resident and their family, we create a montage of recognisable and emotive imagery that can cover any area or size of wall space that is available. It creates a great talking point and an area of interest to stimulate reflection and memories. Using high-tech self-adhesive wall coverings, these panels can be removed and replaced easily.

Personal touches

Does the resident have a love for a particular landscape that reminds them of their childhood, family holidays or something very personal such as their garden or the view from their front door? Our photographic team can source or capture these memories and then create a wallpaper or image panel that will transport them to their favourite place.

Acoustic panels

How it works

We believe in providing a bespoke service from beginning to end.

In the first instance, we will visit your premises to understand your needs and surroundings. We will take a series of measurements for the doors or spaces you need to decorate, and then make recommendations around the effective use of materials and design.

It is possible to personalise printed materials in the following ways:

  • By using a professional photographer to take pictures of specifics, such as front doors and gardens, or local areas known to the resident which hold fond memories.
  • The family can send through their own images – depending on quality and resolution these can then be used to create memory and mood boards, entire wallpaper sections, and individual pictures.
  • Alternatively, we have a wide library of images that you can choose from, or alternatively show us something you have seen that you like, and we will source suitable imagery.

Once the design and imagery have been chosen, we will then produce the wallpapers and vinyl needed. Installation can then be done in two ways:

  1. We can install for you – while doing so we can if wished train your own facilities staff so that in the future they can carry out installs when changes are made.
  2. We can supply materials and you can install yourselves. All materials come with full ‘how to’ guides.

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